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Get organic traffic, and leads that'll 10x your website revenue



Be in charge of your SEO efforts and drive value to your potential customers with an optimal experience they will enjoy! Appear where it matters, when it matters, and show all that matters the most to your customers, gain their trust and lifetime commitment through our advanced SEO technique.

Our services will guarantee top notch leads in your industry and pave the path for the best returns for your investments.With our trackable and reliable results, you can be sure of top quality services to do well in business. We always think ten steps ahead of the competition and this is what just your business needs.

Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO, you can count on us! We'll do all it takes to make the search result show your website more enticing than your competitors. We'll get you discoverable and displayed the right way so you'll be both friends to search engines and your customers. We understand that the goal is to drive profitable customer action through sales.

Leave the 3xx redirect, 4xx errors, 5xx, core web vitals, and indexability issues to us. We know how to handle it best. Our job is to increase your reach across organic channels through our techniques and give you an inevitable increase in potential sales and engagement. .


Local SEO

We create visibility for your local business and Bring in more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location no matter where you are. We will help you get more targeted traffic, which will improve your chances of conversion and meet your business goal.

Trust is the rule of this game and that's exactly what you will build with your customers through our result based services.

Keyword Research

We'll get the keywords that best engage your audience. With our user-first keyword strategies and techniques, you are guaranteed of high conversions, relevant content and qualified traffic by answering the right questions at the right place, and the right time. .

We will understand your customer needs and meet them where it’s perfect. No need for guesswork!. See your marketing campaigns do well every time with ease and precision. No more wasted efforts.

E-commerce SEO

When it comes to ecommerce, we specialize in building strong foundations for your SEO. Our work will ensure your customers have the best experience while navigating your products and optimal satisfaction that will drive retention and referrals.

With no stone left unturned. We'll offer 10X more Value for positive user engagement from searchers and boost search engine rankings.

Link Building & Digital PR

Our balanced and natural link building approach will give value to your users and present you as a credible and link worthy source in the industry, helping you climb fast to the top of search engine result pages.

We will always look to increase your traffic from external sources through relevant link building efforts and boost your website authoritativeness significantly.


SEO Training

We offer intermediate & advanced SEO training to individual, groups or companies who need to upskill their marketing teams.


We understand how hard it is to find the best talent that will tick all the boxes. We will help you undergo the rigorous process of recruitment and will find the best candidate for the job.

"Real knows Real" you HR generalist might not be the best equipped to handle recruitment of specialised SEO roles. We will work closely with your HR Team, ask all the right questions during interviews, and eventually find the most suitable candidate to join your team

Our Trusted Clients

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At Digital Marketing Pro a typical client-agency relationship will comprise an account manager (your day-to-day point of contact), and a senior consultant, These people will be supported by specialists across all the channels we are working on for your campaign.

You need SEO service if your potential customer has to search or find a solution to a problem your product or services can solve before taking an action. 

SEO service are even more important if you’re a
– Local Business   
– Ecommerce or Online Store 
– Marketplace    
– B2B or B2C Saas 
–  Multi-chain Store  
– And many other businesses.

Yes, SEO services are really worth it. You can create an incredible growth loop that gives you endless leads and revenue, even while asleep. SEO is a major growth loop channel for all your favorite companies, i.e. Amazon, Jumia,  Pinterest, Canva, Ubereat, DoorDash, and a million others.

We offer service including but not limited to Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research, E-commerce SEO & SE0 Training

See our SEO service page for more information.

Depending on how fast you’re able to implement the recommended solution strategy, SEO takes between 4 – 12 month before you can start seeing significant results. For a large website with a household name, it can even be shorter. SEO results grow and compound over time. With consistency, you can easily double or even triple the result every year. 

This depends on the type and size of the project, and the needs for your website. Our cost varies depending on the website and product involved. Please contact us for more details

In most cases, we invoice on a monthly basis with 30-day payment terms. For certain projects we may require a proportion of the payment upfront or for it to be fully covered by the clients. 

We always agree to full or partial payment in advance of a project being started, and any changes in budget will be fully communicated and agreed in writing in advance.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a digital advertising method where the advertiser pays a fee to a platform ( Google, Social Media, Website, etc)  every time any of their ads is clicked. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website’s technical configuration, UX, content relevancy and backlinks to be able to become discoverable and more relevant on search engines.

For the short term, PPC is better, you can get steady traffic by paying for it. The moment payment stops, your traffic stops. PPC is very good for e-commerce or sites that can easily convert these traffic to revenue, while reinvesting a percentage of their profit back into PPC.

For the medium and long term, SEO is better, you’ll get free traffic from search engines like Google. The more you do SEO, the more your traffic compounds and more your revenue increases.  Nobody has a bottomless amount of money to continue investing in PPC ads, it is very expensive and not sustainable. SEO traffic gets to compound over time. I.e

Investing $50,000 in SEO can get you 200,000 organic clicks every year for at least 3 years


Investing $50,000 in PPC can get you  200,000 at your preferred time.  

It all depends on your preference. However, if a large bulk of your PPC ads is Search ads, it’s usually advisable to invest more in SEO.

Most times, the charges a developer collects as SEO Fee is usually for installing SEO related plugins and speed optimization. That is barely 5% of what SEO is. You need more expertise in technical, strategy, linking and content marketing to achieve any reasonable progress in organic marketing.

This is where we come in.

As part of our advisory services, we may recommend that your site needs partial redesign or a total overhauling to be able to either rank better for SEO purposes or convert better for digital marketing purposes.  When such action is needed, we liaise with our partner web design agency to make it happen. We’ll be responsible for page requirement criteria, page content and every other thing necessary.  

If the client has an in-house developer or a preferred agency, we’ll work together to ensure all your objectives are met.

The magic number of Internet versus traditional marketing doesn’t really exist. However, if you’re effectively monitoring the ROI of all of your channels with tools like Google Analytics, it should be easy to see which methods are the most effective.

If you eliminate the methods that aren’t effective, you’ll have more money to spend on the ones that are. As a result, you won’t actually need to spend any more than you already do on marketing—you’ll just reallocate it.

Our guaranteeing result is beyond only our control. Yes, we’ll make sure you get quality traffic to your site. However, you also have to make sure that your landing page, product/services is convincing enough to convert potential customers. 

So, it’s a two-way thing. You don’t have to worry about our part, just worry about yours.

Yes, we have a number of clients who have agreed to be contacted by potential clients in order to give feedback on our work and service. We will happily arrange an introduction.