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Google Ads Masterclass Session

1. Nitty-Gritty of Google Advertising

2. Audience Targeting

3. AB Testing Guidelines

4. Conversion Measurement

5. Winning Ad Copy & Assets

Become a Fullstack Digital Marketer

Fullstack Digital Marketer - Someone who's an expert in all the major marketing channels.

With Google Ads, you can market to over 4.3billion people, making it the largest marketing channel in the world.

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Every SENIOR digital marketer needs to know;

There's hardly any senior digital marketing role whose job description wouldn't require skills in atleast two listed expertise above.

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Reach The Right Audience

With Google Ads, you can target the right audience that'll give your business the best return on investment than any other online PPC advertising platform.

Google Ads targets users with the best intent than any other advertising channel. Which makes it x2 better to convert.

Our Instructor

Afeez Adebayo

Afeez is a Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Expert with experience spanning over a decade in B2B SaaS, B2C startups, E-commerce, Marketing Consulting & FMCG companies.

Afeez has handled Google Ads portfolio for top FMCG & Startups with six figures in USD.

The Only Shortcut to Success is Learning From the Experience or the Mistake of Others.

Afeez Adebayo; Team Lead at Digital Marketing Pro

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